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Mobile marketing: develop your business by collecting the phone numbers of your customers!

By: Hristo Stoyanov | Date: 02 January 2014

Mobile marketing: develop your business by collecting the phone numbers of your customers! New article

Basic principles in the implementation of mobile marketing campaigns and particularly those related to sending marketing messages as text messages.


For many people mobile phones maybe equal the last fortress protecting the right to privacy - a place nobody can step close to. Well, ok - almost nobody ....


And the last thing we want to be is the object of spamming and unwelcome text messages.


It is very important here to keep in mind that trust is everything.


Never should you collect the mobile numbers of your customers if you do not know for certain that they want to receive text messages from you - never!


Collection of mobile phone numbers


Here are some guiding principles that should be taken into account when collecting mobile phone numbers.


How are you going to build your mobile community ?


Text messaging ( SMS ) is the fastest way to stay in touch with your customers.


Sending such messages is a very personal way for communication because you can reach your customers no matter where they are or what they do at that time.


People often tend to refuse to share their personal phone numbers. The question is: How to get these numbers from your customers?


To build the most successful mobile marketing campaign you must focus on collecting mobile numbers in a manner that focuses on the consent and trust of your customers.


The purpose of collecting these mobile phone numbers is building your own mobile community that is interested to know the latest news, promotions, deals, discounts, decisions and events that are offered by your business.


Take a step forward. Ask yourself the question- Who would like to take advantage of receiving fast and updated messages from you?


Therefore, all who could benefit from your business should be members of your mobile community.


Be creative in your efforts to collect mobile numbers. Design a campaign that is of  best interest to your target audience.


Think of exciting ways to provide value to your loyal customers and be sure what benefits you offer.


Create an encouraging sharing program.


For example, when current customers share a mobile-phone number of a new customer for you, reward them with great discounts or any other prizes.


Some companies might offer their loyal customers, who provide referrals, free show tickets or a day trip to a spa center in the city, etc.


Winning opportunities!


These campaigns are not easy and that is precisely why you need to be creative in your encouraging programs .


You can create many types of programs related to mobile coupons.


Make sure that you offer incentives that resonate with your customers. Give them a personal choice between specific rewards.


Everyone loves discounts, deals or rewards. Moreover, programs for mobile coupons are very easy to be created.


Select a product or service at a reduced price or make them free and available through using digital coupons.


To access them, users must register. Thus, they become members of your mobile community.


For example, if you’ve opened a new restaurant, customers who sign up for your contact list for text messages could get a free entry (if it is paid at all) or pretty reduced drinks during Happy Hour.


Special events - The first 10 people who share their cell numbers would be allowed to attend there for free.


By offering special incentives through mobile coupons, you could develop your mobile community. Your customer receives real benefits and everyone wins.


The golden rule for collecting mobile phone numbers is that you have to add a mobile phone number to your mobile community only when you have received full consent from its owner.


Your clients should be willing to be members of this business community, otherwise you'll be just the next one who bores them, along with the texts about the bill for their phone and water.


The reason why your customers would be inclined to share their mobile numbers is because they know that they will receive something good in return.


They believe that you will supply them only with exciting news, discounts and great deals that are also badly valuable for them - or at least this is what it should be.


Quite often, mobile marketing is not being used as a tool for direct sales but for promoting and strengthening the trust towards your brand, for increasing your users’ loyalty to it.



Popularizing the brand


The main objective may be increasing your customers’ awareness- in other words, to make them understand that texting is a new way to stay abreast of novelties connected with your business and your brand.


In order to accept this marketing of yours, they have to understand it, to know why you bother them, after that they might give you their permission.


Your customers may enjoy paying attention to your text messages because they will react and engage in a dialogue with you.


You might consider this not only as a means of direct financial return, but also as creating another form of communication.


Practice has already proved that even if you do not perform direct sales at the moment, resources spent will return largely as a result of caring for your customers and their increased loyalty to your brand.


I would like to mention one more reason why you should be very careful about how you collect mobile phone numbers:


One of the ways in which you will be able to measure commitment to the brand is the percentage of consumers unsubscribing from your mobile list - the lower, the better, similarly to the e-mail marketing.


The difference is that your goal here is to make clients and customers feel like they can be heard more directly even at once, compared to any other way of contact and correspondence between you.


When collecting mobile phone numbers correctly, mobile marketing will turn out to be the most economical and efficient way of increasing and building a relationships, as well as general commitment of consumers to your business.


Ultimately, in the long run, you will receive an increased flow of customers and of course an increase in sales and thus in revenue – at least that’s the logic if everything is done professionally.


On the other hand, the correct collecting of mobile phone numbers will add tremendous value for your customers, too.


The pleasure will be theirs to be the first to learn about any promotions and deals that you offer.


They will be grateful to you for the texts they receive and will be eagerly waiting for the next good news /good deals and attention/ that is yet to be offered.

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