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Why learn at Ecognise

What is Ecognise?

Ecognise is a powerful and cost effective online training system designed to share knowledge and skills by professionals for professionals.


Ecognise provides online business trainings, designed by international trainers with the objective to enhance individual development within a chosen business sphere and make affordable business education available at any functional level.


Anyone can use the Ecognise training service to improve employees’ skills, to increase knowledge, acquisition and retention, to reduce liability or just to replace traditional business instruction methods with a more entertaining training platform.


Ecognise is a powerful online training system, which can meet the needs of companies and organizations, government agencies, professionals, instructors and any individual who needs learning, training and development.


The main advantages of the Ecognise are: 

  • Flexibility in duration and completion 
  • Excellent return on training investment
  • Easy to use, loads quickly and speeds up learning by easy section navigation and logical step-by-step features
  • The course materials can be accessed at any time of the day 
  • The training materials can be recalled and revised at any desirable stage
  • Unlimited return to the course contents within the purchased course duration