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Corporate solutions

Ecognise offers its corporate customers the opportunity to develop internal company trainings, exclusively accessible with the Ecognise e-learning platform: 

  • Orientation trainings for new employees
  • Employee loyalty and Motivation training 
  • In-company - product, sales, customer service and support training, management, finance, marketing, project management, logistics, etc.


To meet business customers’ needs Ecognise has developed a special platform for fast, easy and convenient management of staff trainings. While working and contributing to the company development and success, the appointed education managers, HR professionals and the heads of departments can monitor the acquisition of needed business skills. 


The main advantages of the multiple users Ecognise platform are:

  • 80% of the course materials consist of video lectures and video exercises, increasing the level of participant retention and enjoyment 
  • Skills assessments measure the immediate learning outcomes 
  • The monitoring tool allows the management to follow the stages of the employee training progress, the initial, intermediate and final results 
  • To keep the course material fresh, the topics are presented in engaging modes: case studies, best practices, examples, covering the most pressing business related issues, tests, assignments, checklists, graphics and articles from valuable expert learning forms
  • Excellent return on training investment, lower training budget, saving up to 60% of annual budget provided for internal trainers and external consultant fees
  • Your company is in control of the self-directed learning and can simultaneously train a large numbers of participants from different geographic locations on a variety of useful topics 
  • The course materials can be accessed on the company-approved schedule at any time of the day 
  • Unlimited return to the course contents within the purchased course duration
  • Minimal organizational and administrative formalities
  • Group dynamics risks such as misunderstandings in non-verbal communication, poor feedback from coworkers, and negative group mood predispositions are eliminated


To prepare a tailor-made proposal for your specific training needs and requirements, and custom-made corporate courses, please, do not hesitate to use the contact form or e-mail

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