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Become an Ecognise Author

Any experienced trainer, who enjoys virtual teaching, flexible working hours and using online technology to create learning communities, who considers that their acquired knowledge and skills can be helpful in expanding distance education in their expertise field is welcome to join Ecognise. By joining Ecognise you will deepen your worldwide experience in the global e-learning market and further develop your successful teaching strategies in the international online environment. 


If you are:

  • Expert, consultant, trainer, freelancer etc.
  • Have experience in one of these areas below
  • You want to share your skills and knowledge with the world

We will be happy if you contact us to discuss the possibility of partnership


Areas of interest:

Marketing and Sales, Sales Management, Advertising, PR, Branding, Online Marketing, Expert Human Resources, Professional Human Resources, Management, Project Management, Logistics, Personal Development, Business NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Intercultural communications in business relations,  FMCG, Insurance products and services Sales, Financial services and products Sales, Retail, Property management and sales, Customer service and pharmaceutical sales, Work with pharmacies and medical professionals, IT Management, Finance for non-finance specialists, International Accounting Standards, Start ups, Business process automation,  Hotel management, Customer relationship and service management, New and second-hand car sales, Software products sales and services, Purchasing goods and services, Speed reading and mnemonics, Corporate and information security, Investment products and services sales, International business development, Engineering products and services sales etc.


We are always "open" to new areas, which we have not yet described, and assess their general use to a wide audience.


Should you be interested to become our partner, please, do not hesitate to use the contact form or e-mail

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