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What is Ecognise?

Ecognise provides online business trainings, designed by international trainers with the objective to enhance individual development within a chosen business sphere and make affordable business education available at any functional level. Anyone can use the Ecognise training service to improve employees’ skills, to increase knowledge, acquisition and retention, to reduce liability or just to replace traditional business instruction methods with a more entertaining training platform. Ecognise is a powerful online training system, which can meet the needs of companies and organizations, government agencies, professionals, instructors and any individual who needs learning, training and development. 

What kind of information does Ecognise provide?

Ecognise provides varied information on the training mode, training courses, training video lessons and aids in how to access this information. The information allows the user to make an informed purchasing decision on whether the module trainings are beneficial for future professional needs and whether the developed formats are suitable to the participant’s likings. Minimal IT literacy is required to access Ecognise.

What is the scope of Ecognise?

The platform provides dynamic information on wide variety of topics, covering numerous fields of intensive business education and personal development. The content is ordered in learning academies. 

Who can contribute to developing of the content?

Ecognise expects contribution to the training content from the experienced global business education instructors. 

How can one contribute to Ecognise?

You can contribute to further developing the Ecognise platform by sending the appropriate information about yourself and submitting the accurate information related to the material that you wish to submit. 

What can one do with the materials contained in the Ecognise courses?

The materials contained in the Ecognise academies will enable professionals to follow useful business on-line trainings in their respective fields and areas of interests.

How secure are the Ecognise servers?

Ecognise is a web-hosted system, which employs secure encryption for data transmission. The data are housed in secure facilities with uninterruptible power.  Powerful UPS machines protect all servers. The data center is engineered to provide the highest levels of connectivity, reliability and security, producing a continuous operational environment, and featuring a fire-suppression system. Security cameras monitor all activities and only authorized personnel is allowed to enter.

Is the service available only in English?

The Ecognise service is currently available only in English.

Is Ecognise expensive?

Ecognise is designed to be cost effective, economic and very flexible and can be used as a pay-as-you-go system.

Do you offer corporate prices?

Yes we do. Please contact us for an offer.

Can I resell Ecognise services?

At the moment we do not offer licensing and affiliate deals.

Is technical support available?

You can send us an email with your issue. If you experience a technical issue with our website you can report it on the right side of this FAQs page.

Is Ecognise easy to use?

Ecognise is sophisticated in content and user friendly in format. You can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a system that will not overwhelm or financially drain your budget.

Do we need to install a program to use Ecognise?

Ecognise is quick, available online e-learning platform, which works with the standard computer configurations.

What is the recommended learning duration per lesson?

Active engagement of 3, 4 hour a week leads to successful completion of a Academy in 6 to 12 months effectively. 

How and when do I get a certificate?

The certificate for successfully passed academy can be obtained when academy test result had been completed of at least 80%. The certificate can either be printed from the user's account attach to your CV, or shared in your professional profiles.

What kind of skills do I need to become a trainer?

The author of the Ecognise courses has to be an experienced trainer, who can offer extensive expertise to the world and is a globally oriented and helpful educational professional with a particular to a business filed knowledge and a wide range of learning skills. This open Ecognise acquisition tradition enables the training participants to obtain valuable knowledge from diverse world-renowned trainers.

What is the Ecognise training methodology?

The Ecognise training methodology was established to cover maximum learning material in a short time span, with the use of entertaining visual and audio methods. That is why the main transmission vehicles for the educational material are offered in 80% video modes and 20% other media modes. Each academy includes video lectures, written materials and assignments, exercises, audio podcasts, tests and certificate.

Do I need to create an account to follow Ecognise training?

Yes. In case, you do not hold an account with us, you would be required to create one. 

Are there free Ecognise courses?

We have created variety of affordable lessons for you. You can purchase a lesson through different payment methods and the invoice would be provided to your account instantly after the payment procedure is complete.

What do I do in case I forget my password?

In case you have forgotten your password go to registration form click on ’Forgot my password’, write your email address and press ‘Send’ button. Your new password will then be send to your e-mail. If you are still not able to retrieve your lost password, please email us.

How do I obtain my assignments, take quizzes and learn lessons?

All Ecognise academies can be followed online after purchase. 

Do I need to buy any books for the courses?

Ecognise will provide all the notes, lessons and assignments.

What should I do if I am unable to access a academies?

The academy will be available once they are purchased. All the released academies will be available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. In case that you still cannot access any academy please check whether your credit card purchase has been completed or whether the lesson activation period has been expired.

How do I get an extension?

If you would like to extend the training period of the academy you will have to go in your account and turn on auto renew. In this case you card will be automatically monthly charged. 

How do I contact the Ecognise office?

In case that you have personal issues unrelated to the lessons or courses you can send us your questions on the Contact page.

At what time and according to which time zone should I login to my account to access the course?

You are not required to be online at a specified time and you can access your academy 24hrs a day for the duration of the purchase.

Should I reveal personal information in my e-mails to Ecognise?

Ecognise will never send you unsolicited e-mails, which demand filling in personal information forms. If you ever receive an unsolicited e-mail, which requires you to fill in an Ecognise registration form with personal information fields please delete this email immediately.

Will the certification given by Ecognise be valid enough when looking for a job?

The certification provided by Ecognise does not guarantee a job. Our certification adds to the serious professional credentials of a resume. 

How can I raise my existing scores?

In order to raise your score, you must complete a new certification test and invest additional time in learning a lesson. Your scores will be updated at exist with the highest score that you achieve when answering correctly.

How do I print the pages in a course?

If you would like to print the course one page at a time, you may do so by right clicking on the page in question, then selecting the Print option. The page will print with graphics.

Can I run the courses on a Mac or Linux?

Diverse browsers and operating systems can use Ecognise.

Will there be more Ecognise ‘academies’ available in the future?

Yes, contemporary knowledge will be added regularly and the existing academies will be constantly updated. 

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