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Sponsored courses

Sponsored Trainings are courses, found on the website of Ecognise, which are free of charge for their users.


If you or your company are willing to sponsor trainings, related to your products and services, we provide the opportunity to attract in innovative ways diverse professionals from different business areas, who can be your prospective clients and customers.


Often one does not buy products and services because one is not sufficiently informed and familiarized with their benefits.


Through sponsored trainings, we provide your customers with sufficient and detailed product benefit information in a professional and innovative way.


Anyone who decides to follow sponsored trainings is your potential identified customer.



You are a company specialized in CRM, ERP or other products for supporting the automation of variety of business functions.


Sponsored trainings inform in detail how these systems help businesses automate processes and help management and employees to increase productivity. Separate modules focused on uniqueness and originality can teach each individual system.  


The duration of such training can be 60 to 90 min.; the main content is bundled in video format, files and tests.


Once the users of the sponsored training receive sufficient details of the business process automation systems, (consistent to 70% of all training content), the product and services benefits information follows (consistent to 30% of the total training content), and your arguments will win over the customers’ purchase decisions.


Not all products are suitable for the content of online training courses.


We determine together whether it is suitable to devise appropriate trainings for your products and services. Please contact us with your additional questions either through the contact form or e-mail at:

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