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The right choice of a man's suit

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 27 February 2014

The right choice of a man's suit New article

Many men buy a suit for one single event prioritizing the cheapest. Some even prefer to rent it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a man who considers his appearance as important can do. Why?


The suit is perhaps the most important and indispensable part of the wardrobe of stylish men. Each of them knows that there must be at least one high in quality, classic suit, made-to-measure, and to have the case, you shouldn’t spare money and time. Nice suits are expensive, but this is an investment that you will have to make only a few times in your life and you will not regret it. Besides, these suits fit perfectly and are comfortable, which cannot be said about the rented ones. Every man is more or less unique in body structure and must comply with that. To navigate yourself  better in your choice of suits, we have selected the most important things you need to know.


Construction of the suit.


Sewing a male costume is relatively complicated, only a real master, with enough experience, can do it perfectly. Suits consist of a jacket, a vest (optional), trousers, a shirt and a tie (optional). The jacket can have one-line or two-line buttoning which depends on the man's body. One-line buttoning is more common because it is suitable for almost all figures. Two-line buttoning looks good on tall, thin men.


Suits can be tailor- made or standard. Those made-to-measure fit perfectly the shape, hide flaws and highlight the advantages. They, of course, are also more expensive. Store clothes are less expensive, but although designers already work with many kinds of patterns, consistent with different structures of а male body, they cannot get closer to the quality offered by a suit made-to-measure.




A suit can be made of all possible tissues. Its price range varies according to the fabric of which it is made . The most commonly used fabric is wool. For warmer weather, flax is also used, other fabrics are cashmere, silk and silk mixed with wool. Although synthetic materials are cheap, they are not recommended for making costumes.


If you have decided to buy a store suit instead of a tailor-made, have in mind that the corrections that most stores offer are not recommendable, and sometimes impossible, as by changing the jacket for example, the original proportions of the garment are being lost and it will not fit that well, even corrected. Such adjustments are acceptable only in the length of the sleeves or pants, also when loosening or contracting around the waist, but only up to a few centimeters. If  the waist should be contracted or loosened by more than 4 cm, you’d better buy a jacket and trousers in different sizes. The problem is that most companies do not offer this option.


If you have long arms and legs and a short torso and buy a jacket according to the length of your arms, it will be too long for your body. It is advisable in such cases to buy a jacket that fits your torso, then extend the sleeves.


As you can see, sometimes store clothes are more expensive than those made-to-measure, with every adjustment that is being made subsequently. Even after them, there is no guarantee that you will look good - it's one of the reasons why a lot of men believe that suits are not for them. That’s why we recommend you the purchase of a suit made-to-measure. In this way your clothing of high quality will be guaranteed, suitable for every occasion, which will make you look more elegant and stylish.

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