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Get Visual: Boost Your Social Media Following with Videos and Photos

By: Mariana Juliette | Date: 06 February 2014

Get Visual: Boost Your Social Media Following with Videos and Photos New article


Well, I’ve got good news for those of you in that particular boat!


Visual media to the rescue!


Visual media can exponentially increase the number of shares, views, retweets and other social media actions you so desperately seek. We have become a society that would rather look or watch than read. Whether this is a function of a fast-paced world we live in, general anxieties or some other reason, the fact remains that we as marketers have a duty to deliver the goods wherever the attention seems to be. And right now that’s on visual media.


Some facts to munch on…


Here are some startling statistics on visual and social media.


Each day more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook

Instagram has over 120 million monthly active users and was recently purchased by Facebook for a cool $1 Billion

Photos receive 2 times  as many likes than text posts on Facebook 

Videos fare even better, getting shared on Facebook a whopping 12 times more than text posts and links combined

YouTube videos find some 100 million users taking liking and sharing videos every week


So how can this work for your company?


First, start thinking of visuals as content. A well done video or compelling image can say as much about your brand and image as a hefty article or whitepaper. Learn how to embrace the visual media as an integral part of your brand building.


Spend some time thinking about which platforms would best serve your products and business. You may be surprised if you look at your customer demographics and see where they are spending their time. A platform like Twitter may not have made sense to you, but if that’s where your customers are hanging out, why not tweet them a link to a video or image that leads them somewhere you’d like them to go.


Some visual media ideas you may not have thought of!


While you’ve no doubt seen or already embraced the idea of posting an image or video and linking to your blog from Facebook, it’s become a staple of bloggers to increase their blog’s reach.


Videos aren’t only for YouTube; look into how your brand can take advantage of micro-video platforms like Twitter’s Vine, and Instagram’s service.


Posting your images to micro blogs platforms like Tumblr, photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, social media sites like FourSquare and especially Google+ can reap not only a wider audience, but also benefit your pages in the search engines rankings! 


Begin making a visual statement in your content today, and watch your brand reach an audience you may not have deemed accessible.

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