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What is the personality of an entrepreneur

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 17 December 2013

What is the personality of an entrepreneur New article

When it comes to saying what personal skills you need to launch and manage your own business, nobody has ever succeeded to explain it simply and clearly. Complex theories and stories of successful entrepreneurs, psychological research, analysis and whatever  complicated stories are being told. There are hundreds of organizations that assist and unite future business owners, thousands of seminars on the subject and up to that moment I have not heard a single logical, simple and clear thing, universal for everyone.


The question is very important for anyone who intends to start their own business. Everyone asks themselves: “What qualities should I possess in order to have a successful business?”


I'll tell you my most simplified logic of thinking about it.


In my previous article on the subject ( How to run your own business ), I wrote that the best way to start your own business is just to start from somewhere. Now I will focus on the finest moment when a man's desire for business evolves from a state of desire to a state of action. 


Probably many of you will be surprised, but the action that is needed to transform from one state to another is only one and it is the decision to jump from reflection to action. Yes, it still sounds uncertain, that’s why I will clarify it . In order to make a decision to move to a state of action you should possess a single quality. You probably think that this quality is courage? But not. This quality is called responsibility! Responsible people are decisive and able to make that decision.


Now I will go even deeper into that responsibility. I almost hear your questions about how to become responsible. I have the answer to this question and it is very easy. In order to be responsible, you need to be mature first. Maturity makes a person responsible and determined. The more mature you are, the easier you move to a state of action!


I'll tell you everything. I will not stop until everything is clear.


Of course the next logical question is how one becomes mature? As an answer to this question psychologists will give you about 1001 theories and stories, but I will tell you that to be qualified as mature you need a single skill and it's Independence. That skill is built from birth, and it largely depends on our upbringing and to be more accurate- on your parents and the background that you have.


My conclusion is that if the environment in which you were born and have lived up to reaching adulthood has not forced you to be independent, your chances to possess qualities such as determination to move from reflection to action lean to 0! In the above sentence, I wrote " forced ", not you have chosen it because no one will ever accept by desire to be independent, because it is the more difficult choice. One always acts on the principle of the least resistance.


I do not know if I should explain what independence means. Surely everyone would interpret it from their perspective. But anyway let me shed some light on this topic. I think the factors that influence you  not to build the quality “independence” can be:

That you are the only child in the family

That your parents don’t have brothers or sisters

25 years old and you still live with your parents

When you were young, you used to go on holidays with your parents

You’re overprotected by your parents and they don’t let you take care of yourself  on your own

Your parents think that you are still growing up and there’s plenty of time to work in life so you’re still financially dependent

You’re a student without a job

You haven’t been working before graduating from high school

Up to your 5th year your mother used to wash your teeth 

You have been bought everything you want and if you don’t get it you make it an issue

You've never fought in kindergarden or school

You were very "obedient", "good" child

Up to your 5th year you didn’t eat alone and somebody else washed your butt

Your parents did your homework

Your parents would wake you up for school

You've never been cooking before getting married or started living alone

You have hardly took any sports activities and did not go to competitions

I could go on, but it is important to grasp the logic and I am sure that you will come up with a hundred examples.


So let's draw some conclusions :

1. The key quality that a successful entrepreneur must possess is independence, it makes us mature, responsible and decisive and easily moving from a state of reflection on their own business to a state of action.

2. Building the key quality independence is not a matter of personal choice, but of the pressure of the environment in which we live.

3. However, I think that except for the environment you live in, a great impact can have your parents . So to future parents, especially mothers, I highly recommend that they pay serious attention to how they raise their children from birth in the spirit of Independence, because it depends on that how your children's livesb will delevop. It depends on you how mature, responsible and decisive they will become.

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