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How to start your own business

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 18 September 2013

How to start your own business

Many young people are asking themselves the question how and what kind of  business to start. As someone with a lot of experience in this area, I will tell you that there is one magic formula!


Begin! Now! "Grab the devil by the horns and get started!"

Take all the analysis, pros, cons, research, opinions of friends and throw them in the trashbox.


Started already?

The best analyst is your own experience that you will gain. But in order to gain that experience you need to start! Now, immediately!

The best way to see if something works or not, whether your idea has any value- is your experience.

So get started !



If you keep reading this text, it means you are still not convinced that your idea will be successful. But the reason you think so is not because your idea is not good, but because you have no self-confidence. It’s perfectly logical and normal not to have one. Self-confidence comes with success and experience, a lot of experience . Even unsuccessful one!

So get started !


However, I will give you a few tips on what qualities you need to have or quickly build in order to have a successful business:

1. Do not start a business with a partner ! Never. When you gain a lot of experience and if your business needs a partner this will come naturally.

2 . Respect one’s time, not only your own time.When you make an appointment, be on the dot 10 minutes earlier. The notion that everybody’s late sometimes, so I will be late, too-FORGET about it. Time is the only thing that is irrevocable. One can earn money again, even trust can be regained, one can find a cure for their health, but time is the only thing you can not give someone back. If you're late, it means you do not respect people and their time.

3 . Follow the terms with which you’re engaged! Do the impossible, but meet the deadline that you promised!

4 . Be responsible . Keep your promises . If you can’t, do not try to cover things with stories and tales, but try to explain your reasons. In this way you will build trust in people, nevertheless you have achieved the objectives or not. Trust is more important.

5 . The fastest computer that will give you the formula for success is your brain. Give it the necessary information, and it will process it. Its decisions come to you as what they call an instinct. Therefore, always trust your instincts. They are the result of unconscious processing of huge amounts of information .

6.Most importantly, which is associated with the advice above - LEARN. Constrantly, do not stop learning, reading, going to seminars, webinars, workshops, courses, share and look for information from friends and from the network.


I hope you have already started your own business because you can be sure that if you don’t  immediately, at that very moment, bring to reality your ingenious idea for launching your own business, someone else will!

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