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3 top factors in the Internet marketing

By: Boril Bogoev | Date: 18 December 2013

3 top factors in the Internet marketing New article

There are three major factors in the internet marketing on which it depends if you’ll achieve success or you’ll remain among those who dream of internet prosperity. Without these three factors your website constitutes a worthless pile of files, wasting space on a server on the Internet.


Which are these factors?


They are traffic, conversion and a longlasting value of your customers.


1.   Traffic

If  nobody pays a visit to your website, nobody will ever buy something from you – it’s close to your mind. Without traffic the website is like dead. Therefore, your first and main task (even more important than the modern design of your website and sly plugins which you found on the internet) is to provide visitors for your website. The more, the better.

It is also important what kind of traffic you attract to your website. It can be targeted or non-targeted. The common (non-targeted) traffic usually doesn’t serve any business- these are aimless visitors who are just going through websites. The targeted traffic is the one which will bring you more sales and success. These are visitors who look for nothing specific and find it on your website.

I intend to create many articles on the topic of traffic, so keep on reading.


2.   Conversion

No matter how high your traffic is, if you don’t use it, it is worthless. Yes, it brings you the joy of being famous, but nothing more. That is why the pages on your website are usually being used to make the visitor do something – to buy a product, to order some kind of service, to fill a form with data or something of that kind. The more your website visitors do the desired by you action, the more is your conversion. It is being measured in percentage and the formula is as following:

% Conversion = (number of desired actions done / number of visitors) * 100 

Here is an example: If you sell your brand new e-book on your website and you have 180 visitors a day, 2 of whom buy, then your conversion is (2/180)*100=1,1%

It is accepted that a normal conversion is between 1-3%, a good one is 5%. Having more than 10% conversion, you can consider yourself as a marketing guru. Of course, conversion depends on numerous factors, I will write about later in time.


3.   Longlasting value for clients

If a certain visitor buys a book from you and you – because you’re a clever marketing guru – have made them register in your e-mail list, then you can update them with useful information and offers long after the first purchase. If you succeed in building trust towards yourself your client will continue buying from you. In other words, their value in your business is not just in the first puchase, but in all the money they are going to spend for you further in time.

There are different ways to increase the longlasting value of your clients, but they all pass by buildng mutual trust, adequate communication and care for clients.

Here is an example: If your visitor buys your book for 20$ and you do nothing to keep them, their value for you is 20$. But if you manage to make them your “fan”, to make them trust you, to be pleased by you, then they may buy your course for home education fo 199$ and take part in the live seminars you offer for 490$. Afer that they could recommend you to some 10-20 of their friends who may make purchases for similar prices. As you can see, the value of a client for you becomes alresady 20+199+490=709$, as the effect of their recommendations is even bigger, in effect, avalanche-like.



That is why, as an online businessman and marketing specialist, you have three key tasks I order to lead your business to success. 1) Increase traffic to your website  2) Increase the conversion of your offers 3) Increase the longlasting value of your clients. It seems simple, but it’s not. It seems easy, but it’s not.


It seems tiny – just three things – but it’s not!

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