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13 things that mentally stable people avoid doing

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 14 February 2014

13 things that mentally stable people avoid doing New article


Although managers spend a lot of time on physical strength and health, sometimes mental stability is more important . Especially for entrepreneurs.


Mental stability can be defined by the things that mentally stable people don’t do. Look at some of the things, selected by Forbes, they avoid doing :


1. Wasting time feeling sorry for themselves.

Mentally stable people do not regret about the circumstances surrounding them and do not reflect on the unjust way someone treated them. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences and understand the fact that often life is not fair. They are able to cope with difficult circumstances and are grateful for the lessons learned after all.


2 . Retreating from power.

Mentally stable people avoid giving power to others in a way that makes them feel inferior or bad. They understand that they can control their actions and emotions. They know that their strength is in their ability to cope with the way they react.


3 .Staying away from change.

Mentally stable people accept changes and welcome challenges. Their biggest "fear", if they have any, is not from the unknown, but from becoming indifferent and inert. Environment in which there is change and even uncertainty can inhale energy in a mentally strong person and get the best out of them.


4 .Wasting energy on things they cannot control.

Mentally stable people do not complain (much) about traffic, lost baggage and mostly about other people because they understand that all these factors are beyond their control. In a bad situation, they realize that the one thing that they would always be able to control is their own reaction or attitude and they use that well.


5 . Worrying about pleasing others.

Do you know people who strive to please others? Or vice versa, people who do everything in their power to annoy others as a way to impose or force image or power? Neither of these positions is good. A mentally stable person strives to be polite and honest and to please others when appropriate, but is not afraid to say what they think out loud. These people can bear the possibility that someone might get upset and would guide the situation when possible, with delicacy.


6 . Being afraid to take evaluated risks.

A mentally stable person is willing to take evaluated risks. This is completely different from throwing yourself  headlong into foolish endeavors full of risks. Through mental stability a person can assess thoroughly the risks and benefits and define the potential negatives, even the worst that might happen, before taking any action.


7 . Reflecting on the past.

There is power in acknowledging the past  and  particularly in acknowledging the lessons learned from past experiences. A mentally stable person, however, can avoid wasting mental energy on past disappointments or on fantasies about the long gone "glory days". This type of people invest most of their energy in creating the optimal present and future.


8 . Repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

We all know what „nonsense” is? It's taking the same action over and over again while hoping for a different and better outcome than before. Mentally stable people take full responsibility for their behavior in the past and are willing to learn from their mistakes.


9. Resenting the success of others.

It takes strength and character for a person to experience real joy and excitement regarding the success of others. Mentally stable people have this ability. They are not envious and concerned when others succeed (although they can record very carefully what the successful person did well). They are willing to work hard on the chances for success without relying on taking a shortcut.


10 . Giving up after failure.

Every failure is an opportunity to improve. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are ready to admit that their first attempts invariably turned into failures. Mentally stable people are ready to fail again and again, if necessary, as long as the lessons learned from each "failure" bring them closer to their ultimate goal.


11 . Fear of being left alone.

Mentally stable people enjoy and even appreciate the time they spend alone. They use this time to meditate, plan and be productive. Most importantly, they do not rely on others to make them happy, or lift their spirits. They can be happy with others and by themselves.


12. The feeling that the world owes them something.

Especially in today's conditions managers and employees at all levels realize that the world doesn’t owe them a salary, additional benefits and a comfortable life, regardless of their training and education. Mentally stable people face the world willing to work and succeed at each stage of the game.


13. Expecting immediate results.

Whether it is for a fitness program, food diet or a new business, mentally stable people are "in the game in the long term". They know they cannot expect immediate results. They invest their energy and time in measured doses and celebrate every achievement and success on the road and understand that the actual change takes time.

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