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11 postulates for good sales

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 15 April 2014

11 postulates for good sales New article

Customers should be given the necessary supporting information on matters they may be eventually interested in, but they are not sure ... 



1. Customers should be given the necessary supporting information on matters they may be eventually interested in, but they are not sure. In this way they could make their decisions based on that information. Thus, two major effects can be achieved:


- first effect - customers feel that they have been paid attention to, which in turn gives them pleasure ;


- second effect – we guarantee ourselves almost  to 100% that we will not sell to the client anything unnecessary that eventually they would bring  back to us or decide that we have misled them to buy it.



2. Let’s not emphasize on the fact that we sell the product, let’s make them think that we just find them what they are looking for.



3. Let’s try having updated information all the time and providing clients with as many contact materials as we can reminding them who to turn to if they need anything or are in need of services.



4. Perseverance is the key to success. If you do not sell something from your first time, it does not mean you will not succeed after the fifth, sixth or eighth time. Some products are difficult to be sold from the first time, unless the client wants them alone.



5. To offer our customers and insist even on free demonstrations of products we have available. Some customers are not sure that they need a product until they touch it on their own.



6. We have to seek money and sales on our own. It's geat to look for people with whom we would like to work and to whom we have a desire to sell. Desire is determined by the fact to what extent they could make a turnover for us and willingly give us money for things they need.



7. If a client has shown to us that they are extremely satisfied with us, we can politely or as a joke  ask them to recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. The marketing "from mouth to mouth " always brings much better results than direct advertising on television, because people trust their friends , not strangers.



8. Congratulate your clients on holidays, anniversaries, etc.



9. The interest on our behalf whether the customer was satisfied with our services, brings additional positive points to their opinion of us.



10. We could smoothly ask our customers who have spoken with undisguised satisfaction about our company, to allow us to use their words in our upcoming advertising or marketing materials. This is further recognition that we hold on our customers and listen to their words.



11. Offer only brands of high quality. This is not always possible, as there are customers looking for a price, but do not forget that these are not our customers. The customers we search after, want to have products of high quality, they have no problem paying higher prices. Such clients usually remain bound to the company that offers them the best quality for a reasonable price, of course.



Follow these rules and you will not go wrong .

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