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11 basic rules in business meetings

By: Stephan Smith | Date: 11 March 2014

11 basic rules in business meetings New article


Business meetings between current and future partners, customers and entire organizations need to be organized pretty often. In these meetings it is very important to stick to some of the basic postulates of business etiquette. This is a way to create respect between the participants which influences positively its passing.



Here are some tips in terms of the etiquette during business meetings:


1. When you’re  invited to a business meeting, respond on time and provide a quick answer


2. Don’t be late


3. Provide yourself with a pen, sheets of paper for notes and whatever you will need for the meeting


4. Turn off your mobile phone. If you're waiting for an important call, turn it on a vibrating mode and apologize if you receive a call during the meeting


5. As a whole, however, try to avoid phone calls. They distract the other participants in the meeting


6. Speak only when you are given the floor. Raise your hand when you want to talk at a big meeting


7. Structure your questions. Make them precise and stick to the point


8. Listen to the leader carefully and take notes


9. Do not let yourself be nervous. Do not click with the pen on and on, do not tap with your fingers on the table


10. Stay at the meeting until the very end. Leaving early will not leave a good impression in those who are present


11. Do your best that after  the meeting you fulfill your tasks as soon as possible or develop the respective ideas 


Remember! When you are at a business meeting, focus your full attention on the topics being discussed and participate, considering the etiquette and the protocol appropriate for official meetings and events.

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